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1. This is a comm for gaming. That being said, the only news posts we should be seeing is for gaming. This stretches from trailers and release dates to the political aspect of gaming. Movie adaptations, industry speculation, screenshots, behind the scenes looks and record breaking are included.

2. We don't accept the following as news:

a] Fanfiction, fanart, icon posts, manipulations, etc. There are plenty of communities and websites for that, so please don't update them here.

b] User based mods. While they're awesome and you're free to mention them in the comments, they're not news and won't be treated as such. Exceptions are for contests held by companies for user-generated content.

c] Posts about industry workers that don't involve a game directly. There are a lot of great voice actors in the business, but we don't need to know about their work outside of games.

d] For the time being, we're not accepting updates on phone/ipod touch games.

e] We're sure your PC is awesome or your Sims family is great, but that's for your private journal.

If you're not sure if your post qualifies, get a hold of a mod first.

3. Any images larger than 600x600 need to go under a cut. This also applies for NSFW images/news stories, and posts with a more than 3 images or 2 videos. Spoilers always go under a cut.

4. Keep it civil. Debating is expected and encouraged, but there's no need to get rude. No racist/sexist/generally discriminatory speech or aggravated console wars are welcome. Offenders will be forced to screen Ewe Boll movies until the next Duke Nukem comes out.

5. Keep it to the comm. Taking fights/grievances to personal journals will get you booted before you can say Ganondorf.

6. Remember your sauce.

7. Cake is delicious. Bring enough for the whole class.

8. No more than three gifs to a comment. Have a bit of mercy for those on crap connections.

8. If you don't want the whole world to see, it, remember to lock your post.

9. Tags are currently open so posters can choose. Don't make us regret this. When tagging, please use the full name instead of initials or acronyms, i.e. put Dragon Age: Origins instead of DA or DA:O. This allows us to cut down on excess tags and potential confusion.

10. Questions, comments, chocolatey-goodness bribes and concerns can be sent to the mods via lj pm. We will get back to you as soon as we can.